Uprise digital 

Define the emotional culture of a high-growth company.


Uprise Digital is one of New Zealand’s fastest growing companies. They’ve spent numerous years on the Deloitte Fast50. So they’re no stranger to growth and the pressures it puts on the culture and their people.

Uprise was already aligned around a common purpose and set of values. But we wanted to recognise the emotions in their workplace, and consciously shape them to help the team live up to their purpose and vision.

We started with the leadership team and defined how they believed their people should (and should not) be feeling at work. 

Once we came to a consensus on how we want Uprise people to feel, we explored how Uprise leaders needed to act as leaders to help people feel and manage those emotions. 

We asked questions like: What would you observe if people felt this way? How do we help people feel this way? What do we need to do to make sure people don’t feel this way? How do we help people manage and cope when they are feeling this way?

In a series of workshops with the entire team, we used The Emotional Culture Deck to help Uprise people define and share with each other what they want to feel and not feel at work and why. 

We explored what triggers those feelings and how they need to act to reinforce the desired feelings and avoid the undesired feelings. Through story sharing, people learnt more about their peer's motivations and desires. 

The response from these sessions was overwhelming. People shared their feelings, motivations and fears with each other. By inviting people in, we learnt about each other as people and not just as employees. 

The leaders are now working with their people to develop ways to continue to reinforce the desired feelings and negate those underside feelings.

Our next step is to create a way to measure and track their emotional culture to ensure the Uprise leadership team stay aware of how their people are feeling and the impact that has on their performance and well being.

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Matt Rowe & Tim Pointer – Founders of Uprise Digital