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The Well Being Deck*

A card game about being ourselves - human, productive, and connected - however we are.

*The Well Being Deck is a working title only. We’re still to land on the name for this tool.


It’s hard to talk about emotions sometimes. Especially at work. What if we made the conversation easier and more empathetic?

The Wellbeing Deck* is a tool for building simple, usable strategies that help you: 

  • Understand your unique wellbeing patterns 

  • Feel equipped to shift out of hard feelings as well as maintaining good wellbeing 

  • Create pathways to receive and ask for support 

The Wellbeing Deck is being designed by Tamara Buckland in partnership with riders&elephants, makers of The Emotional Culture Deck.  

It’s now in the prototype testing stage, and will be released later in 2019. 

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Help us test The Well Being Deck

We’re looking for 30 people and organisations around the world to help us test the next version of The Well Being Deck.

If you’re interested in testing our latest prototype then please enter your details below.

When the next version is available and ready to test we’ll ship you a prototype deck for you to test for us,

All we ask for in return, is you find 1-hour of time to chat with us via video to share your feedback on the latest prototype with us so we can iterate and improve the next version.

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designed by Tamara Buckland 

Tamara is the designer of the Wellbeing Deck. She is strongly committed to helping wellbeing and mental health shift from ‘them’ to ‘us’ discussions in the workplace.  

Tamara has worked with NZ startups and technology companies including Weta Digital, SilverStripe, and Sharesies, where she is part of the leadership team as their People Experience Advisor. She applies an empathetic, authentic, creative and growth mindset lens over the work she leads, in order to promote a radically inclusive and supportive work environment. Tamara is never shy to belt out a tune as she is also a trained opera singer. 

Learn more about Tamara here: