Chorus New Zealand

“I wanted to do something different when it comes to the way we talk about and work together to strengthen our team culture. Part of this was doing something to bring the team closer together with regards to understanding the way in which emotions impact us at work both positively and negatively.

I saw The Emotional Culture Deck Pilot Workshop as an opportunity to bring people out from behind their ‘protective shells’ so to speak and feel as though they could openly express themselves to the wider group through using the cards as talking points.

I’d recommend any leaders and their teams to go through this ECD workshop if they truly believe that people are the foundation of a positive and supportive workplace environment. This workshop and in particular the cards allows individuals the opportunity to explore and express the wide range of emotions felt in the workplace in a “safe” environment and enables us as leaders to embrace these findings and start a continuous improvement process for our people.”  John Peters, Head of Testing Chorus

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Kiwibank (People & Experience Team)

"It's been awesome to experience this – a simple game with such a huge impact - loved it! Organisations who want to truly connect with their people simply can't ignore this stuff. Looking forward to seeing how far we can take this tool!" – Hillary Palmer. Head of People Experience Kiwibank

"Jeremy's understated style was great, good presence but relaxed and made us all feel at ease. I like the focus on feelings, this is missing from a lot of organisations (not necessarily our team, we're quite good at talking about this) and managers often don't know how to operate in this way (with a good level of EQ), so this would help. I really enjoyed the individual part plus agreeing as a team how we wanted to fell. Thanks for joining us, it was a good exercise!"

"You had a warm, easy, and engaging manner. And the content was great - a structured and safe way to bring emotions to the fore."

"It created a platform for everyone to really express themselves as individuals. The card game meant truths were revealed that were subconscious, and everyone was on equal footing - we're all the SME's of our own feelings."

"Jeremy’s facilitation style. Ability to go “deep” quickly with peers and get real honesty."


Fletcher Living Senior Leadership Team

"Thanks Jeremy! Was a great session with our SLT on culture! We are a passionate group when it comes to our people, and especially about retaining and building on our ‘pixie dust’! The culture deck was a very useful tool to engage our leaders and discuss/test what makes our culture so great! Even better, we’ve come away with some tangible actions! Culture is and will be a continued topic of discussion amongst our leaders and teams!" – Fiona MacKenzie People & Performance Manager at Fletcher Living

"Really pleased at how the session went. Feedback from leaders in attendance was really favourable, and certainly an appetite to continue to have culture as a regular topic of discussion through our meeting forums."

"The card deck was a useful tool to provoke thought/discussion, and that the real value is in coming away with agreed actions…which we are now working on!"

"Yesterday we ‘gifted’ them each a pack of the culture decks….they were super excited to get their hands on the tool, and I expect they will be engaging with each of their BU’s on a similar session"

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Westpac New Zealand

"At Westpac, we pride ourselves on driving our success through our people. Today we invested in our people going through The Emotional Culture Deck with the founder Jeremy Dean. This provided us with some incredible insights and ways to shape our culture moving forward."
– Derri Evans, Scrum Master at Westpac New Zealand

"A wonderfully thought-provoking session. Reflecting on this session has helped me connect with my personal ‘Why’."

"Excellent session today on culture using the emotional culture deck by riders & elephants. Brought out great conversation and really honest discussions nicely facilitated by Jeremy Dean. Will definitely be using and encouraging this exercise again in many different contexts and teams."

"I really enjoyed the session today thank you. Thought provoking and got me thinking about how I feel when I’m making to a difference and, conversely, struggling."


Cricket Wellington

"The thing I love the most about using the decks with our team in these workshops we're gaining a deeper insight into the key emotional drivers for our staff (positive and negative). This understanding of self and others supports the creation of an environment that is people focussed, and driving better external outcomes" – Cam Mitchell, CEO of Cricket Wellington

"I loved it. It was different to anything I had done in the past when it comes to a culture. I’ve been to a lot of culture sessions, and you turn up at them with an expectation of what keywords you’re going to write up on a whiteboard and then all buy into. This was nothing like that."

"It was different to the traditional "Values" session that have been involved in before. Dug deeper and was more relevant."

"I loved the way it got people to think about how they want and need to feel in order to enjoy their work, and how people were in an environment where they were prepared to share."

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Wellington City Council

Human Resources & Organisational Development Team

"I love we were able to facilitate a meaningful and productive conversation about workplace behaviours because this is usually really tricky! I was wowed by how it enabled all of us to really think about and discuss the emotional aspects of our work environment.

The uses for the deck are limitless and I’d really recommend people managers add it to their toolkits!.

As I scanned the room full of small working groups they were animated and fully engaged in identifying the behaviours they did and didn’t want and when they reported back they had clearly grappled with the tricky bits and were able to share their thoughts as well as some potential solutions."
Vicki Mclaren – Organisational Development Manager, WCC


Panasonic New Zealand

“Thanks very much for the session. The team got a lot out of it. A few of them afterwards mentioned specifically they really enjoyed that compared to some other forms of ‘culture and growth' sessions we have done in the past.”

“We just had some first-half reviews yesterday and got some more really positive feedback on the session. I even started the reviews with the Check-in exercise using the cards where you pick a white (positive) card that represents what you felt last week. I then asked my team to pick a black (negative) card you want to avoid with the end of month pressures looming."

"I loved the openness in the group, and talking about things that don't tend to get talked about at Panasonic."

"I enjoyed how easy it was to flow from one 'subject' to another in the workshop using the deck. The time seemed to fly by. It was great how using the deck allowed all of us to be fully immersed in the discussion about the type of culture we want to create to be successful"

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