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These uniquely simple yet powerful tools create more human conversations about culture and customers experience, but are flexible enough to be used in ways that suit the specific needs of every leader. 

Unlike impersonal, reductive, digital approaches that make people feel like undervalued cogs and reduce engagement. These tools promote human conversations about the things that truly matter.

We’ve designed them to be used by everyone within your organisation – regardless of their status. They work for small and large organisations – because both small and large organisations are made up of human beings who are motivated by similar things: relatedness, competence and autonomy. 


The Emotional Culture Deck

An insanely simple tool for a more human & empathetic workplace culture. The Emotional Culture Deck provides an insanely simple card-based tool for structured face-to-face conversations about workplace culture, feelings, and experience.

The Customer Experience Deck

A beautifully simple tool for better customer experience. “Who are our customers? What do we want them to feel (and not feel)?”Get to the heart of your customer relationships by using The Customer Experience Deck with your teams.

Published by riders&elephants

We team up with talented people to reimagine exisiting frameworks and turn them into simple card based tools. Together we design, create and publish these simple card-based tools and bring these ideas to the world in a fun and interactive way.


The Well Being Deck (Prototype)

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A card game about being ourselves - human, productive, and connected - however we are. The Wellbeing Deck is being designed by Tamara Buckland in partnership with riders&elephants, makers of The Emotional Culture Deck.  

It’s now in the prototype testing stage, and will be released later in 2019. 


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