Emotional Culture Deck Masterclasses

Learn how to create a successful, empathy-driven workplace culture

Our half-day public Masterclasses are designed to bring people together from different organisations to learn about why emotion matters in the workplace and how you can use The Emotional Culture Deck to create more human & empathetic workplaces.

So far we have run Masterclasses in Wellington, Auckland and Melbourne. Planning is underway for Masterclasses in Sydney, Toronto and LA in early 2019. See further down for more info.


What is an Emotional Culture Deck Masterclass?

This half-day Masterclass will help you discover and learn:

  • Why emotion matters to building a more inclusive workplace culture, employee experience and leadership style

  • How to create a better workplace culture in a simple and human way

  • How to plan and facilitate an Emotional Culture Deck Workshop with your fellow leaders, employees or clients

  • The nine different ways you can apply The Emotional Culture Deck within your organisation to improve how people work together

The Masterclass is highly interactive.

It doesn’t involve Powerpoint. You learn about emotional culture and The Emotional Culture Deck by doing, experimenting and listening to each other.

I take you through the deck as if you are a team of leaders and people I'm working with. But at the same time, I share my philosophy behind building more empathetic and human cultures and leadership.

You'll come away from a Masterclass with the knowledge, skills and tips to confidently run your own workshops using The Emotional Culture Deck.

If you’re interested in joining a Masterclass please register your interest below and when we launch the Masterclass, you’ll be the one of the first on the list to secure one of the available spots.



Here’s what some of the leaders who have attended a Masterclass have said about the sessions:

"This has been quite possibly the most insightful course I've done all year."


“The Emotional Culture Deck Masterclass was by far one of the most valuable workshops I have attended. I have spent some much time learning about how to make a change in workplace and my team, but have failed to actually reflect on what is important to the people. Since the workshop I have put rituals in place in my own life to reflect daily on what’s important to my own success — so helpful. Thank you Jeremy, what a inspirational morning with such a great bunch of people.”


"A wonderfully thought-provoking session. Reflecting on this session has helped me connect with my personal ‘Why’."

"I loved we got real world practical skills - I can directly apply to my context. We got practical tools and a framework for application to take away. Meeting and working with people who are also interested in this stuff was a refreshing change from cynical engineers!"

"I liked the small class size = better conversations. Conversation style training rather than lecture format and no slides!"

“The sense of play made the masterclass more engaging, inspiring and practical. The cohort of fantastic leaders to learn and grow with. The simplicity.”

"Such a great course - thank you Jeremy Dean. The cards and the system are so easy to use, however your extra insights and input from the group has really added that extra level of understanding. I highly recommend getting on one if you want to add a bunch more skills, and applications for the cards, to the tool box!"

Upcoming Masterclasses

In 2019 we’ll be visiting the following cities and running Masterclasses in-conjunction with some amazing people in each city. Each Masterclass is only open to a limited number of leaders. So preregister your interest now to secure a spot. Plus we’ll even make sure you get a little something extra as part of the Masterclass if you pre-register here.

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We’re bringing The Emotional Culture Deck Masterclass to Sydney in-conjunction with Culture Incorporated

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We’re bringing The Emotional Culture Deck Masterclass to Toronto, Canada in-conjunction with Hilton Barbour and Cindy Yott.

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Join us un London as we bring The Emotional Culture Deck Masterclass to the UK for the first time. We’ve teamed up with Natasha Wallace, The Disruptive Coach to bring an event to London in June.

If you want to secure a spot so you don’t miss out when we officially launch the event, register early now snd we will hold your spot open for you.

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We’re always interested in running Masterclasses in different cities. When we get enough interest from people in a certain city we’ll quickly organise a Masterclass in that spot!