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Emotional Culture Tracking Prototype Canvas 

– Inspired by our Pro Elephant Rider Jakub Jurkewicz, Air New Zealand, Agile Coach 

Last month Jakub started working with one of the tribes at Air New Zealand to track their emotional culture together. 

Jakub has been using The Emotional Culture Deck with a range of teams at Air New Zealand over the past eight months. He recently took one of the tribes at Air New Zealand through the Map your Emotional Culture Workshop where they mapped what they wanted their emotional culture to be. 

He shared this picture above that showed how his team are tracking their emotional culture. Each quarter this tribe gets together and checks in against what they mapped out as a team. Each person in the team puts a dot on the wall that correlates to how they're feeling against each of the six feelings the team agreed they all want to feel at work. 

Inspired by Jakub's experiment, we designed this Emotional Culture Tracking prototype canvas that you can download and steal to use with your teams. Have fun experimenting with the prototype.

This is version one of the prototype. We'll continue to refine this prototype over the next month – when it's finalised we'll add it to The Emotional Culture Deck Toolkit (you get it here from $35USD) so those of you that have access to the Toolkit can download the final high-res version and use with your teams. The Toolkit now has over 12 other tools you can use to create more human conversations in the workplace about culture and employee experience.

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