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The Emotional Culture Deck Masterclasses


So far we’ve run Emotional Culture Deck Masterclasses in Wellington and Auckland. We’re running a Masterclass in Melbourne in November and currently planing Masterclasses in Sydney, Los Angeles and Toronto early in 2019.

If you’re interested in joining a Masterclass please fill out the form below and let us know what city you’re in and we will figure out a way to run a Masterclass in your city soon.

Here’s what people from our Wellington and Auckland Masterclasses have had to say about these events:

What did you like about the masterclass?

"This has been quite possibly the most insightful course I've done all year."

"Such a great course - thank you Jeremy Dean. The cards and the system are so easy to use, however your extra insights and input from the group has really added that extra level of understanding. I highly recommend getting on one if you want to add a bunch more skills, and applications for the cards, to the tool box!"

"1. We got real world practical skills - I can directly apply to my context. 2. Meeting and working with people who are also interested in this stuff - a refreshing change from cynical engineers! :) 3. We got practical tools and a framework for application to take away"

"I liked the small class size = better conversations. Conversation style training rather than lecture format and no slides!"

"The chance to meet new connections and talk about the things that drive us. Gaining a deeper understanding of how to use the decks and the realisation that even with the best practice guidelines they can in fact be altered to suit any group and any situation, making it a very versatile tool. The relaxed format because it allows people to open up which allows better gain from the sessions"

"I loved we got real world practical skills - I can directly apply to my context. We got practical tools and a framework for application to take away. Meeting and working with people who are also interested in this stuff was a refreshing change from cynical engineers!"

"A wonderfully thought-provoking session. Reflecting on this session has helped me connect with my personal ‘Why’."

"I like the simplicity, clarity and effectiveness"

"Spending time with like-minded people, talking about the different formats you could hold for workshops and getting ideas"

"It was great to see the tool being used in action by the one who designed it; hearing others speak about the different ways they have used the cards; just having some time out to invest in developing my skill"

"Opportunity to experience ways the Emotional Culture Deck can be used; Good tips from Jeremy to give context/explanation to the process; Opportunity to meet other people interested in the concept"

What were the most interesting things you learned during the Masterclass?

"Loved all the tips I learnt from everyone from what they are doing to ask better questions and shape their culture."

"The little hacks here and there to get the most out of the tool!"

"The psychology of it all (loved the succinct mantra of 'emotions>behaviour>actions', also that as coaches or managers, the most important thing we can help our people with is to increase self awareness), and the wider readings were really interesting. I was interested to learn/think more about the connection between the personal value sets and team culture, and the links between team emotions/values/culture/experience and desired customer emotions and experience"

"The importance of being aware of people’s feelings"

"The different ways in which the cards are being used and incorporated into the everyday rituals of a team

"The use of the canvas and how it can bring everything together"

"The different ways that the deck can be used"

We’re always interested in running Masterclasses in different cities. If you’d like to join a Masterclass, click the button below and let us know what city you live in. When we get enough interest from people in a certain city we’ll quickly organise a Masterclass in that spot!

Here are the Auckland and Wellington Masterclasses. Keep an eye out for the Government Leaders Masterclass, Melbourne and Sydney Masterclasses coming soon. Plus we have a Los Angeles Masterclass in the pipeline.