Customer EXPERIENCE Research Project

Uncover customer motivations.

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“Through this human centred-research we were able to identify a series of insights that now informs their customer experience strategy.”


Too often organisations can assume how people perceive their brands and assume they know their customer’s desires, needs and motivations. Making assumptions about this is important, but it’s more important to find out what the gaps are between your assumptions and what’s occurring in the minds (and lives) of your customers.  

Before we got involved in this project, the client had undertaken an internal brand discovery workshop. Here they explored the DNA of their brand, who their customers are, and what they believed their customer's needs, desires and motivations were. 

We were contracted to undertake customer empathy research to validate or invalidate assumptions they were making about their brand and their customers motivations.

We didn’t spend time discussing what they wanted from the brand. Instead, we explored the how their customers think, what they believe, how they feel and what their motivations were. This helped us unlock the social and emotional drivers of their customers. We then compared what we found with what was currently being delivered. 

After spending time with customers exploring their lives, their desires and fears, there’s now no more guessing around the Leadership table. 

Through this human centred-research, we were able to identify a series of insights that informed how they’ve started looking at their brand, customer experience and business strategy.

These insights also informed four core brand values that will now guide how the brand delivers more engaging and memorable customer experiences in the future.