Our programmes of work

We can work with you on these entire programmes, or aspects of these programmes, depending on the challenges or opportunities you have. Our programmes of work are based on three simple frameworks:


Customer 360 Programme


1. Customer empathy

In this step we look to discover how your customers actually feel about your organisation, brand or service. We explore what really motivates them, beyond the functional benefits you provide. We look at their desires and needs.


We use our Customer Experience Deck to help you define what you want your customers to feel and the emotional experience you want them to have. We look for alignment between how your customers actually feel (what we uncover in Customer Empathy) and what you want them to feel. We explore how can you elicit specific feelings in your customers at critical moments.

3. Customer journey

We help you to map your current customer journey. This customer journey map identifies; key moments of interaction between your brand and your customers; customer pains and gains in these moments; the positive and negative emotions customers might be feeling in those moments; and opportunities to add value to your customers.


Culture Code Programme


1. Purpose

Why do you exist? What’s your cause? What affect do you have on the your world, your market, your community, your peers? How will this guide and motivate your people every day?

We help you to uncover, define and express your purpose in a way that you might not previously have been able to, or hadn't even thought to. 

2. Values

What are your most deeply held beliefs? The beliefs that are truly core to who you are as a business and how you behave? How do your peoples' personal values align to your organisation values?

We bring your organisation together to define your core values and express them in a way that's unique to you and your people. 

3. People experiences

What do you want your people to feel? What rituals do you have that reinforce your purpose & values? How do you create two-way conversations about your values and what truly matters to your organisation?

We find ways for you to integrate your values and purpose into everything you do as an organisation. We help you turn your values & purpose into rituals, not posters. 

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1. Brand PURPOSE

This starts with succinctly articulating the problem you're solving and the change you want to affect. Your brand purpose captures what you stand for and what makes you truly distinctive.  


1. story

We'll help you to define and articulate your story and key messages that reinforce what you believe and help people understand where you're heading and what affect you want to have. 

3. People & Experiences

Your brand will never reach it's potential unless your people are connected with it, understand it and can deliver it. We'll help you engage your people and inspire them to expand on and deliver it every day.